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With winter going strong in Wisconsin, I’m so glad that we still have Christmas going on here in our home. And while you may be thinking, “Amanda, Christmas is OVER–it’s time to move on to the new year,” I believe that my Christmas decorations have become a part of my home during this winter season. Nothing quite warms my heart like beautiful and meaningful Christmas decor.

PLUS, I just feel like I shouldn’t have to put away decorations that took me about a week to put up, just because everyone else thinks I should. Sooo…with that bit of independent thinking, here’s a quick look into our home!

If I’m completely honest, I have no plans in the immediate future to take down my Christmas decorations–I’m just gonna enjoy them until I get bored of them. And then I’ll redecorate!

If you’d like to see more of our home throughout the year, comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts on how I should decorate my home next season!